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Alea Foundation

An innovative support model for women seeking independence while recovering from addiction.

The Alea Foundation provides tailored support to women seeking independence and sanctuary during their challenging journey to recovery.

House with a Backyard

The Rise & Shine Program

Bridging the gap between recovery and independence

Who We Help

We welcome all women facing daunting life obstacles, striving to reclaim hope and rebuild their lives.

We Offer

  • Assistance finding safe, appropriate housing that maximizes the client's chances of success.

  • Structured financial support and budget management, up to and including paying basic living expenses directly.

  • Career support, including long-term planning and support with advancement.

  • Directory of community resources and resource adherence support.  

  • A supportive and compassionate community that encourages and celebrates recovery.

  • Coaching in essential life skills, personal hygeine, and recovery support

  • Collaboration with local institutions, such as schools and culinary organizations, that align with our standards and vision.

Our Rise & Shine program, the inaugural initiative based on a scalable model, aims to achieve a relapse rate of less than 20% within the first two years.


How you can contribute

We are in the process of formalizing our model securing our 501(c)(3) status.

How you can help in the meantime:

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United in Purpose

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Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of women in need


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